About the game

This is a Text Adventure game, created as a submission for the 2023 Text Adventure Literacy Project jam

How to play

Text Adventure games require you to type commands to examine objects, move to different locations, and solve puzzles.

  • EXAMINE CAT will tell you more about the cat.
  • PET CAT will pet the cat.
  • GET CAT will put the cat in your inventory... maybe.
  • EAT CAT will... do nothing... hopefully.

For more instructions on how to play the game, type HELP at any time.

Once you have completed the tutorial at the beginning of the game, you can ask characters for hints by typing TALK [CHARACTER].

A walkthrough guide will be added soon =)

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Thank you

Many thanks to Chris Ainsley, the amazing developer of Adventuron, and to Garry Francis and Pinkuz for hosting this year's game jam!


Midsummer's Eve Guide / Walkthrough 172 kB

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