This game was created as an entry for ParserComp 2021. It is a complete game, but will be receiving a few major updates! Devlogs will be posted when updates occur.

This is a text adventure, meaning the main method of gameplay is entering text, and there are puzzles to solve as you progress through the game.

Basic commands in the game are:

  • N / S / E / W / ENTER / EXIT to move between locations.
  • LOOK OBJECT / EXAMINE OBJECT / X OBJECT to examine something.
  • GET OBJECT to pick something up.
  • DROP OBJECT to drop it.
  • INVENTORY / I to see a list of items in your inventory.
  • SAVE / LOAD to save or load a game.
  • SOUND ON / OFF to turn the sound on or off.
  • MUSIC ON / OFF to turn the music on or off.

The music is from:

  • "Inner Reflection" by Marc Corominas Pujadó/Jamendo
  • "Sentient" by Gavin Luke/Epidemic Sound 
  •  "Night Walk" by Gavin Luke/Epidemic Sound 
  •  "Nadir" by Gavin Luke/Epidemic Sound 
  •  "Sincerity" by Gavin Luke/Epidemic Sound 
  •  "Blue Brook" by Peter Sandberg


Snowhaven_1-1-5.html 2 MB

Development log


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How do we get a password for the 'sinister' story. I tried emailing from your website, but it's not a valid email address

Your games are wonderful. I especially love what you've captured with this one. I especially am in awe of your sophisticated 1bit graphics. 

How do I get the password for the "sinister" version? 🤔


Love this.