This game was created as an entry for ParserComp 2021. It is a complete game, but will be receiving a few major updates! Devlogs will be posted when updates occur.

This is a text adventure, meaning the main method of gameplay is entering text, and there are puzzles to solve as you progress through the game.

Basic commands in the game are:

  • N / S / E / W / ENTER / EXIT to move between locations.
  • LOOK OBJECT / EXAMINE OBJECT / X OBJECT to examine something.
  • GET OBJECT to pick something up.
  • DROP OBJECT to drop it.
  • INVENTORY / I to see a list of items in your inventory.
  • SAVE / LOAD to save or load a game.
  • SOUND ON / OFF to turn the sound on or off.
  • MUSIC ON / OFF to turn the music on or off.

The music is from:

  • "Inner Reflection" by Marc Corominas Pujadó/Jamendo
  • "Sentient" by Gavin Luke/Epidemic Sound 
  •  "Night Walk" by Gavin Luke/Epidemic Sound 
  •  "Nadir" by Gavin Luke/Epidemic Sound 
  •  "Sincerity" by Gavin Luke/Epidemic Sound 
  •  "Blue Brook" by Peter Sandberg
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction, Survival
Tagsdeath, grief, homestead, hunting, loneliness, Text based, wilderness

Development log


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It doesn't work for me. It works fine until it asks me for sound. I pick an option, and then it just freezes and the box cursor thing disappears. Is there a way to fix this?

I enjoyed the pleasant and emotive versions of the game very much, and I'm finally feeling up to the sinister version, so I'd be interested in the password, too!

How do we get a password for the 'sinister' story. I tried emailing from your website, but it's not a valid email address

Your games are wonderful. I especially love what you've captured with this one. I especially am in awe of your sophisticated 1bit graphics. 

How do I get the password for the "sinister" version? 🤔


Love this.